7 months

by Line

Today I decided it’s my day off, because tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday are fully devoted to religion. K has been awake for most of the day too, so I just almost had time to do what I had planned for; dishes and tidying a bit. He has been a bit grumpy, and I’m not sure if it’s teeth or if he’s getting ill again. Tooth number 4 has popped out and I give number 5 and 6 about a week.

My little baby boy is 7 months old today, and being a mom surely gets better and better everyday! About a week ago he started to drag himself forward, and today he tried to get up in “crawling-position” for the first time. With this progress I might have a baby who can get around everywhere he wants at the end of next week! Sitting is also easier, and I’m guessing that it will be something he learns quickly after learning how to crawl. He also makes more funny-faces now than he used to, and it’s a pleasure to watch. How did I get so lucky? Just look at him;

_MG_0502Haha, you so funny!

And by the way – ten visitors and not ONE comment on that last post? I’m disappointed in you.