by Line

Thank you Emma, for being the only one who was nice enough to answer my question from the other day! I must say I don’t envy your soup diet.. To the rest of you, here’s the question again;

What do you eat during the day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on.

Right now I’m at my parents place, internet left me again and I had to pay some bills.. I’ll probably go home soon and try to get some sleep, I think K’s teeth finally got to him and we haven’t slept that much tonight. I also got my exam dates, geography is the first at May 7th, so I’ll leave religion for a while and do my best to learn everything there is to know about rocks and stuff. But first I need to rest, I’m totally blown out right now. That’s probably why I’m still here and not at home sleeping. I think I’ll just end it here with a picture :)

IMG_2203I hope you all have a nice weekend, remember earth hour!