by Line

In lack of knowing what to begin this post with, I’ll go ahead by showing you some of my instagram pictures from the last week

IMG_2245 My sister is home for easter, and the weather is perfect!
IMG_2250 I found the perfect sweater in grandmas’ closet! Yes!
IMG_2256 I celebrated Earth Hour 2013.IMG_2272We start our day at 06:30 and K usually falls asleep during breakfast.
IMG_2275And Anna-Karin sent us a teddy-bear!!

K is bothered by teeth (at least I hope that’s what it is), and I haven’t had time to sleep that much lately. Tonight for example, I had to have him on my chest so he could sleep, and don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t happen that often anymore that he likes to sleep in my arms and it’s cozy – but imagine having nine kilos on your lungs while halfway sitting up, trying to sleep yourself. It wasn’t exactly easy. But, other than being tired I keep my spirits up and my mood is good, and I thank the lovely weather. I now have more hope that my exams will go okay, and when they are done I’ll just.. be. Do whatever I want everyday and not have any major worries. I’m looking forward to it.

To my question the other day, I am really grateful for those of you who took your time to answer. As most of you know I’ve had some eating issues for a while, but as I am getting better I would really like to know what is “normal” and get tips on what I can make for myself that are healthy and enough to keep me going. I’ll admit I’ve been eating a lot of oatmeal lately, and I kind of would like to get some variation in to my daily meals. I believe, like one of you said, that routine is important, and it’s really contradictory that I am so strict when it comes to K’s meals and not my own. After all, as he grows up he’ll learn habits from me, so I should be a good example. For those of you who are more at ease answering a question after you’ve got the reason, here it is again;

What do you eat during the day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on.