Welcome, April!

by Line

Tracy Chapman, sun, Monday, still easter, soon off to “Jippi Lekeland” – could it be better? The sun is really doing me well, and even though I am as tired as I could possibly be, my mood has been stable for a long time – I couldn’t be happier. In two months I’m done with my exams and it will be even warmer, I’ll know where I’ll move to in August and I am so looking forward to it! Two months pass by fast when there’s a goal in the end, and that is good, for once. I’m also planning my vacation, and it looks like I’ll end up somewhere I had no idea I could go. But, there’s tickets to buy and I have to talk to K’s dad about summer vacation, but yes – I’m so excited!


Saturday I went to a party where everyone was gathered for once, and even though I wasn’t drinking I followed them out to a club, danced on a couch and had a really great time. I felt buzzed and when I got in my car at 1:30 I was like “hm, should I really be driving? Oh, yes I can!”. That proves you can have just as good a time without alcohol, and I definitively had a better Sunday than the rest. Four of them came over here yesterday, K was happy, we talked about our night out, the boys brought dinner for Kristine and me, Fredric did the dishes and we finished our day with easter-quiz (that I totally lost).

So all in all, even with K coughing all night long not giving me any sleep, life is shit-tastically good at the moment. Like, I would go for awesome. Even though I’m not doing anything in particular. That’s the way I want it to be, and Robin coming home on Saturday shall not ruin this for me. I won’t allow it. I’m on a roll!

(and thanks for answering my question, I’m really amazed how you guys can eat so little and still be full, because that’s my main problem lately – but, I won’t let that ruin this happy-post, so I’ll write about it later!)