Please let me sleep

by Line

When it comes to TV, electronics and Kasper, I am quite strict – or at least i try to be, but today I monumentally failed to be just that. As I have mentioned there hasn’t been a lot of sleep over the last weeks, K is still fighting a cold and doesn’t sleep very good at night, which leaves him very tired and grumpy. So, today when I just wanted to lay on the couch for a short while, I totally went again myself and tried to occupy K with a movie. I’ll admit that I have tried it before, but he just doesn’t seem to like watching television, and in general that’s something I like very much. But, today .. wait for iiiiiiit (I know you’re smiling now Isabel!) .. he watched the movie with me for 30 whole minutes! And what movie was that you ask? It was The Parent Trap! (And now I’m guessing you are smiling too Marjolein, hehe). It was very nice, us two together on the couch – he even laughed at the screen a few times. I can totally see us watching the Lion King or other disney classics together in a few years. And with that, I’ll cross my fingers for at least three hours of continuous sleep (please?!) before I go to bed. Good night!