I am, at the age of 21, a single parent trying to fight everything bad thing that comes my way, to live the life I want. So far I feel like I’ve been through more than enough, but somehow life still manages to keep sending lemons my way. So what do I do? I make freaking lemonade. I drink it, and I make sure it’s like the potion by Getafix. I think I am passing the strength of Obelix pretty soon, at least when it comes down to the mental part (which probably isn’t very hard, for those of you who ever read the stories about Asterix and Obelix). Anyways, writing is my muse, and sadly I feel like I’m on top of my game when everything is at it’s worst. Daily life does not really make my best stories, but somehow posts about that too seem to appear from time to time.

First and foremost I write to keep my friends worldwide updated, especially after little Kasper was born – but I love the thought of someone reading my “shit”, relate, and feel better afterwards. You have to dream big to get ideas on how you want your life to be, but most important is really living.

There are so many things out there just waiting to be discovered, and I have so many things I want to do in my life. Places to see, cities to visit, moments to be enjoyed. Languages to learn, cultures to experience – and the list goes on. Why? Because dreaming, planning and doing makes me happy. What more is there to live for other than a well-experienced life and various moments of happiness? (I can think of a lot actually, but let’s just keep it plane and simple. Ehh..?). I would like to write a book one day, I even know what I would like it to be about, but for now I am satisfied with this blog.

And last; I have a goal in life, and that goal is to be able to enjoy every day, instead of wasting my life on waiting for something far away that might never happen. Life is now, not later. It is hard, and I waste more days than I wish I had, but I am slowly getting somewhere – I can feel it!