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Please let me sleep

When it comes to TV, electronics and Kasper, I am quite strict – or at least i try to be, but today I monumentally failed to be just that. As I have mentioned there hasn’t been a lot of sleep over the last weeks, K is still fighting a cold and doesn’t sleep very good at night, which leaves him very tired and grumpy. So, today when I just wanted to lay on the couch for a short while, I totally went again myself and tried to occupy K with a movie. I’ll admit that I have tried it before, but he just doesn’t seem to like watching television, and in general that’s something I like very much. But, today .. wait for iiiiiiit (I know you’re smiling now Isabel!) .. he watched the movie with me for 30 whole minutes! And what movie was that you ask? It was The Parent Trap! (And now I’m guessing you are smiling too Marjolein, hehe). It was very nice, us two together on the couch – he even laughed at the screen a few times. I can totally see us watching the Lion King or other disney classics together in a few years. And with that, I’ll cross my fingers for at least three hours of continuous sleep (please?!) before I go to bed. Good night!

Welcome, April!

Tracy Chapman, sun, Monday, still easter, soon off to “Jippi Lekeland” – could it be better? The sun is really doing me well, and even though I am as tired as I could possibly be, my mood has been stable for a long time – I couldn’t be happier. In two months I’m done with my exams and it will be even warmer, I’ll know where I’ll move to in August and I am so looking forward to it! Two months pass by fast when there’s a goal in the end, and that is good, for once. I’m also planning my vacation, and it looks like I’ll end up somewhere I had no idea I could go. But, there’s tickets to buy and I have to talk to K’s dad about summer vacation, but yes – I’m so excited!


Saturday I went to a party where everyone was gathered for once, and even though I wasn’t drinking I followed them out to a club, danced on a couch and had a really great time. I felt buzzed and when I got in my car at 1:30 I was like “hm, should I really be driving? Oh, yes I can!”. That proves you can have just as good a time without alcohol, and I definitively had a better Sunday than the rest. Four of them came over here yesterday, K was happy, we talked about our night out, the boys brought dinner for Kristine and me, Fredric did the dishes and we finished our day with easter-quiz (that I totally lost).

So all in all, even with K coughing all night long not giving me any sleep, life is shit-tastically good at the moment. Like, I would go for awesome. Even though I’m not doing anything in particular. That’s the way I want it to be, and Robin coming home on Saturday shall not ruin this for me. I won’t allow it. I’m on a roll!

(and thanks for answering my question, I’m really amazed how you guys can eat so little and still be full, because that’s my main problem lately – but, I won’t let that ruin this happy-post, so I’ll write about it later!)


In lack of knowing what to begin this post with, I’ll go ahead by showing you some of my instagram pictures from the last week

IMG_2245 My sister is home for easter, and the weather is perfect!
IMG_2250 I found the perfect sweater in grandmas’ closet! Yes!
IMG_2256 I celebrated Earth Hour 2013.IMG_2272We start our day at 06:30 and K usually falls asleep during breakfast.
IMG_2275And Anna-Karin sent us a teddy-bear!!

K is bothered by teeth (at least I hope that’s what it is), and I haven’t had time to sleep that much lately. Tonight for example, I had to have him on my chest so he could sleep, and don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t happen that often anymore that he likes to sleep in my arms and it’s cozy – but imagine having nine kilos on your lungs while halfway sitting up, trying to sleep yourself. It wasn’t exactly easy. But, other than being tired I keep my spirits up and my mood is good, and I thank the lovely weather. I now have more hope that my exams will go okay, and when they are done I’ll just.. be. Do whatever I want everyday and not have any major worries. I’m looking forward to it.

To my question the other day, I am really grateful for those of you who took your time to answer. As most of you know I’ve had some eating issues for a while, but as I am getting better I would really like to know what is “normal” and get tips on what I can make for myself that are healthy and enough to keep me going. I’ll admit I’ve been eating a lot of oatmeal lately, and I kind of would like to get some variation in to my daily meals. I believe, like one of you said, that routine is important, and it’s really contradictory that I am so strict when it comes to K’s meals and not my own. After all, as he grows up he’ll learn habits from me, so I should be a good example. For those of you who are more at ease answering a question after you’ve got the reason, here it is again;

What do you eat during the day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on.



Thank you Emma, for being the only one who was nice enough to answer my question from the other day! I must say I don’t envy your soup diet.. To the rest of you, here’s the question again;

What do you eat during the day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on.

Right now I’m at my parents place, internet left me again and I had to pay some bills.. I’ll probably go home soon and try to get some sleep, I think K’s teeth finally got to him and we haven’t slept that much tonight. I also got my exam dates, geography is the first at May 7th, so I’ll leave religion for a while and do my best to learn everything there is to know about rocks and stuff. But first I need to rest, I’m totally blown out right now. That’s probably why I’m still here and not at home sleeping. I think I’ll just end it here with a picture :)

IMG_2203I hope you all have a nice weekend, remember earth hour!

7 months

Today I decided it’s my day off, because tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday are fully devoted to religion. K has been awake for most of the day too, so I just almost had time to do what I had planned for; dishes and tidying a bit. He has been a bit grumpy, and I’m not sure if it’s teeth or if he’s getting ill again. Tooth number 4 has popped out and I give number 5 and 6 about a week.

My little baby boy is 7 months old today, and being a mom surely gets better and better everyday! About a week ago he started to drag himself forward, and today he tried to get up in “crawling-position” for the first time. With this progress I might have a baby who can get around everywhere he wants at the end of next week! Sitting is also easier, and I’m guessing that it will be something he learns quickly after learning how to crawl. He also makes more funny-faces now than he used to, and it’s a pleasure to watch. How did I get so lucky? Just look at him;

_MG_0502Haha, you so funny!

And by the way – ten visitors and not ONE comment on that last post? I’m disappointed in you.


The last week I’ve had the sleeping-disease (or something like that), and because of that I’ve been going to bed around 9pm every evening, waking up the morning after just as tired as I was when I went to bed – after 10 hours of sleep. Sometimes I wonder if there’s something wrong with me. But, if you put that together with studying and a lot of stress with school appliances and kindergarten acceptance letters – you find the reason why there’s been so quite here lately.

Right now I’m allowing myself a small break, and after several days of doubt I think I finally see an end to the big “do the exams – or not” question swirling around my head. I changed my view, and realized that when I’m done with these I have a whole summer to enjoy, laugh and just be. I started to think about the “after the goal” part of it, and the feeling I’ll probably get when it’s all over. Because of that I am trying to figure out where to go on vacation this year – I’m thinking sun, beach, not that many tourists and not that expensive. Any ideas, anyone? 

In a few minutes I’m going back to the kitchen table to continue reading and writing about Hinduism (which is really fascinating, by the way), and then I’m going to bed hoping to feel much more relaxed tomorrow morning! Last I have a question I really, really would like you to answer for me;

What do you eat during the day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and so on.
I would be so happy if you could take your time to answer!


This day started like serious crap. It was so bad that I had to call my mom and cry a little bit. Studying is overwhelming with a kid around you twenty-four/seven. It’s like.. I’m so tired of lemonade! Why can’t it go my way… Okay, so it could be worse. K could be a baby who doesn’t like to sleep, for example. Progress on the “don’t complain” (too much) rule.

But, lucky as I am I’ve looked after K’s second cousins today, and that is a serious mood-raiser. First we picked up A at kindergarden and when we got home T had come home from school. We made dinner, did homework, played around, read two books and now I just think that this day didn’t turn out so bad after all. A (who turns four in a few weeks) even made sure K got his dinner properly, and was really proud that he was allowed to be the boss of spoon and water and feeding someone smaller than him. They were so cute! We are going to stay with them next Tuesday too, and I really look forward to it. I like kids!

_MG_0451What yo’ lookin’ at?! Weirdo..

Retro Perfect Friday

Yesterday K and I decided that it was time to go visit everyone at the kindergarden where I used to work, and we ended up spending three hours there. K was as happy as ever, he loves other kids and I think toddlers in general loves babies. Especially those who had learned to say the word “Baby!” .. “Baby!” .. “Baby!”. How cute?! I’m not lying when I say I could have worked there for free, and I’m so happy that I got the chance to work there as much as I did, when I was just a substitute. After all, that’s where I learned what I want to spend the rest of my life doing!

KasperRetro K was dressed up for the occasion, clothes from when I was a baby!

When we got back home I invited Isabel over for waffles, and rumor has it that my waffles are a tasty delight so she said yes before she had time to blink (exaggerating, me? No, what’s that?). Just like expected they were as yummy as I hoped for, and I found some ice cream in the freezer that we had on top. Did I say yummy? Yummy! K has gotten so big he can finally sit in a high-chair, and he loves being able to sit up at the table where the action is, and he loves the attention auntie Bel gives him whenever she comes to visit.

_MG_0367 _MG_0371Ooh, cutiepies.

After she left Tiril and Susan came over for a late dinner, and as usual we could not stop laughing at stupid jokes and stories. I was even so lucky this time that I got to feel the baby kick! I’m still pretty amazed and not to mention fascinated by pregnancies. Weird. We moved to the couch, K went to sleep, T and S emptied my candy bowl and it was a perfect casual Friday evening. Actually, it was a perfect Friday in general. I’ll make sure to have more of those!

I wish you all a merry christmas a great rest of the weekend :)


K has finally recovered and it is really noticeable – I have so much energy all of a sudden! I woke up this morning alone in bed for the first time in a week, and K is so happy you have to see it to understand it. Today has been filled with a lot of stuff and driving to and fro, but somehow I still managed to study a little bit earlier today. I credit spring, I really do. So, that’s kinda what I just stopped by to tell you before I devote an other hour to Islam before going to bed – and of course, this;

_MG_0288Trying on tomorrow’s outfit, going retro!

Last – you see it when I answer your comments here, right?

This is so daily!

Today has been really productive! Right now I’m tired, but it’s that good kind of tired you get after a really good day filled with meaning. K is almost sleeping and went to bed without a fuzz (I’m really glad I didn’t have to go through the entire “now you have to sleep because you are tired and I’m the boss” thing again), and his fever finally disappeared yesterday. He is still coughing and wakes up a few times during the night, but it seems like it isn’t bothering him as much as it did. That makes my mommy-heart happy. I’ve also made homemade dinners for him that I put in the freezer, six in total this time, and actually – I am really proud of myself! I figured out that why not – it is cheaper, takes about an hour or so to make, is easy and fast to warm up and is the so called “best solution” when it comes to dinner for your baby. I’ll probably buy some glasses now and then, but I’m really satisfied with this!

IMG_2019Looks yummy, right? ;)

I also got time for reading today! Mille came and looked after K for me, and I walked down to a café, bought a Mocha and buried my nose in the books. It was so much easier to get stuff done at a nice café on a couch than at the library, so I think that’s where I’ll be whenever I have time to learn more about religion and geography from now on. Sadly my favorite babysitter moves to Costa Rica in two weeks (lucky girl, go get ’em!) and the spot is hard to fill – mostly because everybody is busy during the day – and so far I’ve asked about 10 suitable persons without any luck. Oh the adversity, we meet again. I’ll figure something out though, I have to. I will.


Right now it’s burning in the fireplace, I’ve lit candles and put the radio on, and I think I will sum up this really good day with sandwiches and chocolate milk – while learning some more about Islam! 

I hope you all are having a splendid evening :)


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