I love

by Line

Today I stumbled upon the blog “Enjoying the Small Things” written by Kelle Hampton, and I fell in love instantly. The first post I read was this; Nelle Cordelia: A Birth Story, and I cried so bad my head still hurts. It is something with the way she’s writing that gets to me, and when K woke up after his nap I had to sit and hold him for a long time, just because I’m so glad he is the way he is, grumpy or not. How lucky I am, how blessed I am, how I can be who I am because of that little champ – that will grow into a man, first tiny, then little and in the end full grown and hopefully of the gentle kind.


Now a days he’s still practicing how to crawl, and making his way around everywhere. No obstacle too big here! I’m amazed by how he wants to explore everything, and I have a feeling we’ll go on many adventures as he grows older. Looks like he’s got a bunch of “I want to go everywhere”-urges from his good old parents, and I love it. I baked that thing for nine months!

Proud Parent, that’s what I am.