New blog!

by Line

It finally happened after a lot of back and forth.. I have started a new blog, this time in Norwegian. You can find it here: I’ve been giving it a lot of thought, and when I realized the main reason why I haven’t been writing that much lately, is because everyday updates are hard to do in English – I made my choice. It was also affected by the fact that we are moving to Notodden in August, and with a Norwegian blog my grandparents can also see what we are doing in the woods there.

Because I have a lot of English speaking friends that I hold so dear, I will continue to post some updates here now and then, and for the extremely interested there is a thing called Google Translate. I hope those of you that have followed me here will continue to follow me on my other blog, and I can even halfway promise better reading material. Maybe. I’ll try to take more pictures! No wait, I’ll try to post more pictures. Hoho, haha.

See you there!