There’s light at the end

by Line

After reading at I realized that my focus can easily be turned to the good stuff that’s been going on lately, that is: all the small things that makes me smile. When I get too angry or emotional I tend to forget the nice moments just seconds after they’re over, when what I really should do is take them with me and smile at them during the rest of the day. Here’s a list of moments I want to remember from last week;

» I got to hold Martin just two days old, and I could not stop crying happy and emotional tears, because life is so very beautiful

» When the kids at kindergarten realized I was coming all you could hear was “Line is here! Line, LINE, LINEEE!

» I ate summer’s first ice-cream, wearing only my sweater

» I bought K a new stroller and it is AWESOME

» K gave me the biggest grin ever when I went to pick him up at his dad’s

» I played cards with good friends and laughed like I haven’t in a long while

» Today I could walk outside without a jacket on

» I was greeted with big hugs and wishes to come home to live with me from the girls at choir practice

» The girls in the choir are beautiful and sing beautifully and I almost have to cry every time and those of you who can should really come listen to our concert May 14th at 18:30

» I can be myself and have a good time with the girls in my maternity group

» There’s less than two months until I’m going to Miami (!!)

And there’s probably more but this is what I could remember just now. What I love the most is the kids’ way to show love and appreciation (usually in a really loud voice) and how fond they are of me (I mean, really? Me?). Kids ♥

(new english readers; my name is Line. Like, a line. Just it’s my name. So totally not international)